On top of IFC's new comedies, Scott Aukerman's Comedy Bang! Bang! and a game show spoof called Bunk, the network still has Alan Spencer's Bullet In The Face scheduled for later this summer. The six-episode event from the Sledge Hammer! creator will air over two nights in August (the 16th and 17th) and the network released the first tease for the over-the-top action comedy a few week's back.

Bullet In The Face stars Max Williams, Neil Napier, Jessica Steen and Kate Kelton (check out the character posters here) in a hyper-violent, tongue-in-cheek tale of a former thief who's forced undercover by the cops in order to take down the city's gang leaders. Eddie Izzard and Eric Roberts play the rival mob bosses, Heinrich Tannhauser and Racken (respectively), tearing the fictional city of Bruteville apart and here's a brief look at both in these brand new Bullet In The Face teases. First up, is the Eddie Izzard spot and his character is described as 'Pure Evil' on his poster. I'd watch anything Izzard is in and his delivery of the final line in the preview is spot on.

Up next is the tease featuring Eric Roberts's Racken, or as his character poster calls him, 'The SOB.' As in 'Son of a Bitch' not the sound you make when crying. Maybe both? Looking ever the part (and I can't help but be reminded of his great work in The Dark Knight as mob boss Maroni), take a look at Roberts telling his henchmen how civilized criminals are supposed to act in Bruteville.

Bullet In The Face airs over two night, in 90 minute installments, with Parts 1-3 on August 16 at 10 p.m. ET and Parts 4-6 on August 17 at 10 p.m. ET on IFC.

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