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CBS has picked up three more new shows today, including two cop dramas and a comedy. Which sounds like a decent replacement for Two and a Half Men, if you ask me.

First up -- and earning a nomination for Most Challenging Title for the CBS Marketing Department -- is The 2-2, formerly known as Rookies. It sports one hell of a pedigree: Robert De Niro is exec producing, James Mangold (Knight and Day) directed the pilot, and Richard Price (The Wire) wrote the script. The cast includes Helen Hunt's escaped clone, Leelee Sobieski, as well as Adam Goldberg, Tom Reed, Terry Kinney, and Stark Sands. It's your basic police show tracking the lives of several officers both in and out of uniform.

Cop shows are always big business, so it's no real surprise that CBS also picked up Unforgettable, which stars Poppy Montgomery as a New York detective with perfect memory. As in, she doesn't forget anything. Which will come in handy fighting crime, but not so much if she's trying to wash out the mental stain of that time she walked in on her parents "wrestling" when she was seven years old. One other thing she might want to forget is the clunky title the pilot previously went under: The Rememberer (rerererer).

Last up, CBS also gave a series order to comedy How to Be a Gentleman. It's based on the book by Thomas Nelson. It follows the friendship between a columnist and his trainer.

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