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Hank Moody returns to television this Sunday night when Californication premieres its fifth season on Showtime. What kind of messes will he be getting himself into when the series returns? This clip shows him interacting with (read: flirting) a woman on an airplane, but not before making a mess of her skirt.

Spoilers ahead!

Season 5 of Californication will pick up three years after the end of Season 4. Hank (David Duchovny) was apparently back in New York and enjoying city-life, but he’s called back to Los Angeles by Charlie (Yay, Runkles!), his friend and agent, for a job, which may be the reason he’s on the plane in the clip below. As you’ll see Hank may have spent the last three years back in New York, but he hasn’t changed at all since we last saw him...

It seemed like the coffee spill was a genuine accident, but he sure was quick to use it as an opportunity to flirt (and maybe even grope a little). Of course, karma had its way with him in the end and that woman seemed relieved to be out of his sights. Could Hank be losing his touch? Somehow, I doubt that.

Californication Season 5 premieres Sunday at 10:30 p.m. ET/PT on Showtime.