Californication returns for its sixth season on Sunday night and Showtime must be happy to have their resident Hemingway back to get up to even more drunken, drug fuelled debauchery for our entertainment. This time around, David Duchovny's Hank Moody is not only on the road to recovery after a late Season 5 scare but might also get wrapped up in writing a Broadway musical, or rock-opera, based on his book "God Hates Us All."

It's actually not a bad storyline for our, uh, 'hero' since we all know how the film adaptation of "GHUA," A Crazy Little Thing Called Love, was received by its author and a lot of loathing and ensuing fights might have been avoided had Hank been involved in the creative process himself. Or more loathing and fights. We'll see. But before jumping into that part of the new season's narrative, which would involve guest star introductions and other new details, it's worth taking a minute to catch up before Episode 1, "The Unforgiven," airs this weekend.

When Showtime eventually announced that Californication was being renewed, after the leading man's reluctance was assuaged, it was pretty much implied that Hank had survived the dangerous end of the fifth season encounter with the psychotic young lady and the first clip released by the network addresses the obvious awakening. How will Karen (Natascha McElhone) and Becca (Madeleine Martin) treat Hank after this umpteenth scare? Well, what we do know is, Hank will make light of the situation, this time calling the deadly cocktail just "A Really Strong Drink"...

The second clip from this weekend's premiere introduces another one of the regular occurrences on the show but this time, instead of Hank almost dying, I'm talking about Californication's great guest stars. The sixth season features an awesome line-up that includes Sex Pistols' Steve Jones, Marilyn Manson, Tim Minchin and the lovely Maggie Grace. Minchin plays a musician, Atticus Fetch, charged with bringing "GHUA" to the stage, watch him try and convince Hank to join in on the fun in hopes of creating "A Masterpiece"...

Californication Season 6 premieres THIS Sunday with "The Unforgiven" at 10:30 p.m. ET on Showtime. You can catch the episode, as well as a lot of other great goodies, as part of the network's Free Preview Weekend.

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