With The Carrie Diaries set to premiere later this month, The CW has released a few clips from the series premiere, which (re-)introduce us to lead Carrie Bradshaw. The Sex and the City prequel series follows Carrie during her teen years, back in the 80s when she was still in high school and just starting out along the path of dramatic romantic encounters and high fashion.

Two of the clips ahead expand on scenes we saw in the previously released trailer for the series. The first shows us the new Kydd in town, Sebastian Kydd, whose bad-boy reputation seems to have preceded him. And from what the clip shows, Carrie seems to have gotten the jump on meeting this new guy.

I love how totally 80s the whole clip is, from the cool guy with the shades to the big-haired girls and pastels. Even the new kid's everyone-stare-at-me practically-slow-mo entrance seems especially 80s. I was almost waiting for him to break out a hardcore solo game of Simon at the center of a crowd of onlooking kids.

Moving on, this clip shows us Carrie's introduction to a style editor who admires her bag.

And speaking of bags, this clip reveals Carrie's sister, who clearly takes a different approach to fashion, judging by the goth make-up. But she does share Carrie's appreciation for their mother's purse.

I don't think we ever learned much, if anything, about Carrie Bradshaw's family situation in Sex and the City, but obviously that will play a factor in the actor's younger years. Did we even know she had a sister? The two seem to have their differences, but share grief over the loss of their mother. It'll be interesting to see how Carrie and her sister's relationship fits into the series.

The Carrie Diaries premieres on The CW on January 14, 2013.

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