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I’m sure Donald Trump likes to see his name in headlines, but probably not so much in the kinds of headlines he’s earned lately. As the brouhaha following his campaign announcement continues to swirl, it seems as if NBC is wasting little time in trying to find a replacement for the recently ousted Trump on Celebrity Apprentice, and one of the names making the rounds is Mexican-American stand-up comedian and former talk show host George Lopez. That could get awkward.

The news comes from the New York Post, which claims that discussions between NBC and Lopez are in very early stages. So we probably shouldn’t expect any big announcements soon. Assuming Lopez is actually in the running, that is, since nothing is official at this point.

In fact, TheWrap is reporting that their sources are saying there is no truth to the rumors that NBC is tapping Lopez for the job. It does sound a little too tightly-plotted, the notion of NBC signing a deal with a Mexican-American personality to replace the man who basically called Mexicans a bunch of job-stealers and criminals. Trump was talking about illegal immigrants, of course, and not famous funnymen, but it would all still look dramatic in broad strokes. So now we wait to see if anything becomes of this.

Beyond the politics, Lopez would be an intriguing choice to take over Celebrity Apprentice, though his comedic persona could make for too hard a transition for those who loved Trump’s often abrasive nature. The former lead of the hit ABC series George Lopez and FX series Saint George has got hosting chops, having fronted TBS’s shortlived talk show Lopez Tonight and the dating show Take Me Out. Maybe the next season could be all comedians from all eras. I would watch that in a heartbeat.

Other names floating around the NBC-sphere for Celebrity Apprentice includeShark Tank mogul Mark Cuban, Sir Richard Branson and Martha Stewart. They all make a certain amount of sense, as they’re all objective-minded financial geniuses, and they would bring that experience to the show’s weekly wheelings. But none of them have the host pizzazz that Lopez does. So it’s all about what NBC wants to do with it, since they’re that keen to keep it going,

NBC made a pretty big decision by cutting ties with Trump and dropping this year’s Miss USA pageant, which ended up on Reelz and got its worst ratings since the pageant started. Would they do better just to let Celebrity Apprentice stop for a while, to be retooled in 2017 or whenever people's attention spans have cycled back around. Let us know what you think.

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