During Sunday’s finale of Celebrity Apprentice on NBC, one of the big things separating the two finalists was what they hoped to achieve with their recent introductions back into the pop culture lexicon. Clay Aiken seemed to really want the Apprentice title to overcome the jokes he received about getting second on American Idol a decade ago. Arsenio Hall, on the other hand, stated he hoped to parlay an Apprentice win into a new talk show hosting gig. And why not? The man was insanely popular back in his heyday, and despite a few random outbursts this season, Arsenio proved how affable he could be.

Now, after winning the big prize from Donald Trump, TMZ is reporting the former TV host is working through offers with multiple networks to potentially produce a brand new talk show. The fact Hall might want a new show is no surprise. The Arsenio Hall Show was cancelled back in 1994 after the talk show host had a few run-ins with the producers, and he has been working to get back into the business ever since.

NBC is one of the networks currently gunning for Arsenio to head back to the television realm, and apparently two other networks are interested, as well. If you had told me several Celebrity Apprentice episodes ago the whole talk show thing might happen, I would be a little hesitant, simply due to the fact it has been ages and ages since Hall has really been in the game. On last night’s finale, however, despite stating he was nervous, it was Arsenio who cracked jokes and made Clay feel more at ease when talking onstage. It’s clear he still has it, and I for one would be happy to see what a new talk show with the man would look like, provided he comes up with a new catchphrase.

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