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A Classic TV Movie Is Coming Back As A Same Sex Vampire Romance

James Franco, AKA The Busiest Man On The Planet, has a project coming up that might surprise you. A lot. Franco is reportedly working on the remake of the classic 1996 Lifetime original movie, Mother, May I Sleep With Danger? However, it's coming with a few twists. The original story, which was about a young woman (Tori Spelling) dating a dangerously obsessive man (Ivan Sergei), will now feature a same-sex couple, with the title danger provided by a vampire. That’s right; James Franco is making a vampire romance for Lifetime.

The remake will follow theater major Leah (Leila George), who brings the love of her life Pearl (Broad City’s Emily Meade) home to meet her family. According to THR, while her mother Julie adjusts to her daughter’s new lover, she can’t shake the suspicion that something isn’t right with Pearl. When the true blood-sucking nature of Pearl is revealed, Julie will have to save her daughter from an “eternity of heartache.”

Oh, those theater majors. Always dealing in some kind of drama.

mother may i cast

The remake will feature the return of some of the original cast, such as Ivan Sergei and Tori Spelling, who will be back to play Julie. James Franco penned the story and will executive produce, with Melanie Aitkenhead (Actors Anonymous) directing and Amber Coney (Class) writing the screenplay. Mother, May I Sleep With Danger? will air in time for the original’s 20th anniversary.

The number one question going into this is… why? Making the relationship same-sex is certainly understandable, but why the vampire angle? Is it to add to the danger factor? Being stuck in a terrible relationship for all eternity (or until Leah can sneak some garlic into Pearl's diet) is pretty dangerous. Then there’s the whole blood sucking thing. Actually, the whole idea is just so random and kind of amazing. It’s possibly a genius move on James Franco’s part. Not a lot of people would care if it were just a simple, by-the-books modern remake. Now it’s got some crazy hooks that’ll get a lot more attention from everyone. I’ve never seen the original, but I definitely want to see this!

This is a terrible idea, but I wish they had named the vampire Danger. It’s not like Lifetime is known for subtlety. Speaking of which, why does the main character need permission from her mother to sleep with danger? If she’s asking for permission then she clearly wants to do it. How controlling is this mother? Maybe someone who has seen the original can explain that in the comments for me.

Mother, May I Sleep With Danger? is set to premiere June 18 at 8 p.m. ET on Lifetime.

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