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Following the Community panel at Comic Con today, Chevy Chase, Donald Glover, and executive producer Garrett Donovan sat down with us to discuss the series and what’s to come in the second season.

Chevy Chase spoke of his role on Chuck and his preference for comedy as opposed to drama. He and Glover also talked a little bit about Pierce and Troy living together, which Garrett Donovan goes into in more detail.

Below is the video interview. It takes a minute or two to get going as there was a lot going on in that room at the time and a tiny snippet of it gets cut off at the end, so I included the transcript of what wasn’t recorded below the video.

Final comment from Chase, regarding a potential spat between him and Lorne Michaels: “’s the time. I should be hosting. He said, ‘Oh, my show… and he sort of sneered.. And then I realized, well that’s because the other show with Amy. Why would he…” (Someone corrected him and said, “Tina”). He chuckled and mentioned 30 Rock after that, and then the interview ended.

Community returns to NBC for its second season on September 23, 2010.

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