Tonight's episode of Community, titled "Conventions of Space and Time," will take the study group out of school again, this time for a trip to an Inspector Spacetime convention. While Troy and Abed are likely to be in their glory, obsessing over all things space and time isn't going to be especially exciting for some of the characters, but this group tends to make their own fun (and messes) no matter where they are. And that includes Annie, who's featured in this clip.

In the last preview clip for the episode, in addition to learning that Jeff bears a striking resemblance to a certain Inspector Spacetime mega-villain, we also saw Jeff send Annie to the hotel. The clip below shows us what she gets up to when she attempts to order a bit of room service.

Watching the above clip and seeing Annie go into fake-identity mode, I'm flashing back to Troy's birthday, when Annie used a fake ID and spent the evening at a bar pretending to be a girl from Texas. Except in this case, she's pretending to be Jeff's wife. And judging by that smile on her face, she likes it. This spells trouble! Or it spells an expensive room service bill, depending on how good "the good kind" of scotch is. What else will "Mrs. Winger" get up to while left to her own devices?

Season 4 of Community airs Thursdays at 8:00 p.m. on NBC. The second episode of the fourth season showed a drastic drop in the ratings, so if you love this show, be sure to tune in tonight when it airs and watch!

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