If watching, quoting and referencing Community isn't enough to satiate your need to live and breath the underrated NBC series, perhaps attending a whole convention dedicated to the comedy will do the trick. A Community convention is in the works, and if everything goes as planned, Community fans who are in (or can get to) the Los Angeles area next February will have a place to convene and celebrate the series, which just so happens to be premiering its fourth season that month (February 7).

TV Guide posted the update on the convention, which is currently being referred to as "CommuniCon. The person organizing the event is in the process of trying to nail down the date and location, which right now looks like February 9th and 10th of 2013 at Los Angeles City College. That's not confirmed yet, but the paperwork is being filled out. According to the tumblr for CommuniCon, there's a chance Dan Harmon could be there, and hope that at least some of the cast will be in attendance, but at this point, it doesn't look like anything's confirmed.

Those hoping for a paintball fight may be in for a disappointment. The organizer says something that big might have to wait for subsequent years. No plans for a campus-wide blanket fort either, but with so many Community fans convening in one place, who knows what might happen? The organizer's hopes for the con include getting Dan Harmon to speak, having panels and signings/meet-and-greets with the cast, Community trivia games and a costume contest or parade.

I attended the Office Convention in Scranton back in 2007 and it was a lot of fun. Not only was it great to see the cast of the show, but it was also fun to be in the company of so many other fans of the series. I'm thinking the same would apply with Community, as it's a comedy that's really built on little moments and jokes that fans love to reference. Imagining a parade of Community fans dressed in various costumes and showing off their love for the show is reason enough to believe something like could be really great. I'd personally go with something simple like Pelton's time hoodie, but I'm sure fans would cook up some truly creative costumes that express their Greendale pride.

So, while nothing's set in stone just yet, it looks like things are in the works to make this happen. Visit CommuniCon.tumblr.com for updates on the convention.

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