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I don't know about you guys, but that sounded like the start of a song at the end of the clip, no? Are we going to be treated to the vocal talents of one Jason Alexander? Anything is possible. And let's face it, stranger things have happened on this series - including catchy musical numbers - so the puppet angle was probably just a matter of time. The clip above does give us our first look at the Seinfeld star's visit to Community-land for this week's highly anticipated puppet episode!

NBC's been slowly teasing Community's "Intro to Felt Surrogacy," starting with a great spoiler photo last month, and then closing out last Thursday's episode with a puppet rap tag. Then yesterday, we got our first look at guest star Sara Bareilles. The "Gravity" singer showed off her vocal skills with the study group puppets as they were about to embark on a balloon ride.

That magical, musical ride will eventually lead them to Alexander's character, who is apparently a Greendale alumni. Say what you want about him being a "transient mountain man" but he certainly seems happy with his lifestyle! And at least he's not a puppet, right? Speaking of which. How did the study group get themselves puppetified in the first place? And what will this ordeal and adventure bring to their ever-developing group dynamic?

Community airs Thursdays at 8:00 p.m. Et on NBC.