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He’s the ghost with the most, but is he headed for Community in some form or another? The name has been said three times on the series! Watch the video ahead and see if you can figure out what it means, if anything.

Fans of the classic ’80’s film starring Michael Keaton know that saying Beetlejuice three times may make the character appear. Well, this has happened on Community. Gawker caught wind of it, citing the people at Reddit for catching this little nugget of random Community trivia, which may or may not be leading up to something Beetlejuice related (Beetlepierce?).

?For those of you who want the proof, here’s the video, which shows all three instances when the name was spoken on the show.

Updating to add: I completely missed the appearance of a Beetlejuice-like figure in the background during the last clip. (Thanks commenters!) I should have known! This isn't the first time Community has snuck something into the background.. I'm still craving a Beetlejuice episode!

I don’t know about you, but should the movie be acknowledged at some point in the series’ future, I really hope this this specific scene is acknowledged.... perhaps, in the library, when they’re all at the table?

And maybe the diorama-drama could make a grand return as well...