Community Season 4 Clip Has Jeff Choosing The Dean

Community may not have a premiere date yet, but its fourth season lingers in existence, waiting to be unveiled for those of us who have waited patiently. In the meantime, we're making do with whatever snippets of the series we can get our hands on. A brief but funny clip was revealed on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, that has the dean and Jeff trying to see eye to eye.

Back in September, EW shared a few spoilery tidbits about the Season 4 premiere of Community. That included (spoilers ahead!) a Hunger Games parody and a tango between Jeff and Dean Pelton. The clip that was featured on Ellen showed the dance, which begins with a quick costume change for Pelton, who is once again dressed as a woman for the occasion…

Lest you're panicking about the laughter, I'm pretty sure that's coming from the Ellen audience. I don't think Community has gone multi-camera on us. Other than acknowledging the silliness of the dean and Jeff dancing together, it's hard to get much from this clip. Community's never been a comedy that relies entirely on moments like the sight of two men dancing to get laughs, so there's likely a bit of context missing here.

Moving on, here are a few photos from the season premiere episode ("History 101") that you may not have seen yet. We get a glimpse of the return of the monkey, the dean looking like Amelia Earhart, Chang and Shirley getting tangled up in some kind of cats cradle situation, and a steamy moment between Jeff and Brita!

Community Season 4 premieres Someday on NBC.

Kelly West
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