Last night, Syfy premiered the first episode of Continuum, a new science fiction drama, which aired last year in Canada and made its U.S. debut this week. For those who liked the first episode, we have a clip from next Monday night's "Fast Times" for you to check out, which features an intense moment between law enforcer Kiera and the people she's been pursuing.

Continuum got off to an exciting start last night as a group of terrorists in the year 2077 managed to avoid execution by sending themselves back in time to 2012. Of course, they hadn't anticipated being pursued by Kiera, a law enforcer with a wired brain and plenty of motivation and determination to keep the world safe from these dangerous people. Trapped in 2012, the first episode follows Kiera as she attempts to acclimate herself to the past and figure out what's going on. That includes getting involved with the local law enforcement as she attempts to track down the terrorists.

The clip from the second episode of they first season shows Kiera having a little run-in with the Liber8 terrorists. See what they're up to and what Kiera does in the video below…

And where do you suppose they're going? If it's back to the future, it would explain why Kiera's so eager to come along for the ride, even if it means being referred to as "bitch cop" by her travel companions.

The description for the episode also hints at their being issues with Kiera's cover.
Kiera tries to find the members of Liber8 before they do more damage. Her attempts are hindered when her cover is blown and her partner on the VPD, Carlos Fonnegra, arrests her. Catch an all new episode of Continuum Monday at 8/7c on Syfy.

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