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We've known for a while now that Sons of Anarchy was a go for a sixth season and likely a seventh as well. Considering the series is currently amidst its fifth season, those of us who look forward to each new episode can rest easy knowing there's plenty more to come. But from what star Charlie Hunnam says, an eighth season may be a possibility! posted the video interview below, which has Hunnam seated next to his 3,2,1… Frankie Go Boom co-star Lizzy Caplan. He speaks a bit about the current season of Sons and then mentions that he's been asked if he would do an eighth season of the FX drama series…

"I think Kurt is a sensational writer and really excels at television. He knows how to keep the audience watching and he's dished out the story incrementally in a way that he knew he was saving enough to get through seven seasons," Hunnam says. "We've done five and we've just been picked up for Seasons 6 and 7 and they just asked me if I would do Season 8, so we'll see."

He says they asked him if he would do an eighth season, which could mean it's all hypothetical right now.

When Kurt Sutter spoke with the press last week about the series in the wake of the major character death, the subject of the series' future came up, and from what Sutter says, it sounds like the plan is still for the series to go to seven seasons. Here's what Sutter said...
My original idea, coming into it, was, “Okay, if that’s the model and this is my mythology, do I have seven seasons worth of story to tell?” and really approached it from that point of view, in terms of how to dole out the story and where to go. So, the initial idea of seven seasons wasn’t just a number I pulled out of the air. It was really based on the practicality of what we do. But then, as I’m moving forward with the mythology, having that in mind, I feel like now that has become this sort of super structure for the show, and yes, I have this idea for seven seasons.

Not to throw this out there as a potential tease or anything like that, but I’m sure that, half-way through Season 6, if I went to FX and said, “Look, I can’t end it in seven seasons. I have another eight episodes,” my sense is that the network is committed enough to the show and my vision that they would probably find a way to accommodate that, but I do feel like we’ve been working from that structure of it being seven seasons. And as of today, as I’m looking at my board with the finale all beat out, as of today I can still see that happening in seven seasons.

Given that we're only in Season 5 right now, it may be a bit too soon to know if Sutter will need more than two more seasons after this one to finish the story. But it sounds like he feels confident FX would allow the show to go on a bit longer. And considering that it's impossible to picture Sons of Anarchy without its lead (or SAMCRO without its leader), it's probably a good idea to know that Hunnam would be on board should the show go on for an eighth season.

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