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Later this month, The Walking Dead star Norman Reedus can be found once more on AMC in the primetime hours, and he’ll once more be seen on a motorcycle. But rather than a drama about a world torn apart by the undead, Reedus will hit the road with celebrity friends for Ride with Norman Reedus. Unfortunately, none of those friends will come from The Walking Dead, but that could change next season if AMC gives the show a future beyond Season 1. According to Reedus:
We shot [Ride] in the off-season, and everybody was just so busy winning awards on Broadway, shooting movies overseas, saving elephants, doing so many things. But I hope in the future to get some of them on the show. There are some people in the cast who ride motorcycles now—we all took a big ride together the other day—so that’s great for me.

Reedus just set up the perfect concept for how a Season 2 episode could include his Walking Dead cohorts: a huge ride with all the cast members who are into that sort of thing. Perhaps they could even ride around the show’s central production location of Georgia, since each episode takes place in a specific state. And maybe, just maybe, Greg Nicotero is also involved and there are some walkers and shotguns and crossbows and boom bang!

(takes sip of water)

So yeah, it might not happen exactly like that, but it’ll still be cool to see something happen, even if only one co-star shows up and not the whole bunch. The point of the show, after all, is motorcycle culture, not cast get-togethers. Although Reedus did tell TV Insider that Louisiana had him riding through the swamps, hanging out with alligators, teaching voodoo and playing rock ‘n’ roll, so maybe the bikes take a backseat on the show some of the time.

Ride with Norman Reedus will only be around for six episodes in Season 1, so it’ll merely be a temporary stop-gap in the long wait for Season 7, which will hit in October. Reedus has also been the person teasing fans with what we can expect from the upcoming season. He’s basically a two-legged press tour for AMC.

Featuring riding partners such as Peter Fonda and Robert Rodriguez, Ride with Norman Reedus will make its debut on AMC on Sunday, June 12. Head to the next page to watch the extended sneak peek for the season.

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