Cult-like followings appear to be something of a trending topic among dramas this season. Tonight, Fox will debut The Following, which stars James Purefoy as a serial killer with a devoted following. And coming to The CW is Cult, a drama that takes TV fandom to the next level, with its focus on a cult-like following of a TV series.

The new teaser for the series focuses on the creepier side of the story, with the tagline "It isn't a show, it's life" and plenty of unsettling imagery.

Blending images from what looks like an investigation board (or more likely, some kind of a stalker-board) and creepy, violent imagery, including a menacing looking man and a guy with a gun to his head, the teaser certainly drives the violent side of the story home.

Cult stars Matt Davis as Jeff, an investigative journalist whose brother - who's known to be a bit paranoid by nature - goes missing. When searching for him, Jeff begins to uncover the mystery surrounding a TV show called Cult and its rabid fan following. The fact that this is a show about a show that's also called Cult seems to add a bit of unnecessary confusion, but hopefully distinguishing between the show in the show and the actual show won't be difficult.

Cult premieres Tuesday, February 19 at 9:00 p.m. ET on The CW.

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