TNT is counting on a lot of attention for Dallas, their remake of the iconic 80s TV show that's set to air next summer. It only began production last month and had an official behind-the-scenes video online a week later. Now a glossier, longer featurette on the show has gone online, featuring "casual" roundtable conversations among the cast as well as several scenes from the show itself. They even got Bobby Ewing himself, Patrick Duffy, in on the conversation! Check out the video below.

With all the sweeping helicopter shots and big dramatic scene of striking oil, it's obvious this take on Dallas is trying to prove its' not going to be the stodgy, big-haired soap opera you remember from the 80s. Then again, they've got a character named J.R. and they're promising plenty of inter-family intrigue, so it won't get too far from its roots either. It's hard to imagine something better suited for lazy summertime watching than a Dallas reboot, so good on TNT for having faith in what might otherwise seem like a lazy retread. Is it enough to make you count down the days until next summer? Probably not. But it will probably be hard to resist those horse pastures and overcooked Southern accents when the time comes. Get your cowboy hats ready.

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