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The ladies of Hot in Cleveland can expect a visit from the king of sarcasm himself. David Spade will guest on the series somewhere towards the end of May. It should be a lovely reunion for Spade and Wendi Malick, who regular took shots at each other on Just Shoot Me during its seven season run.

According to EW, Spade has come on board to appear as a hairstylist in the same salon where a character played by Regis Philbin works – as a rival. It sounds like a role perfectly suited to David Spade, who can exchange biting remarks with the best of them and played catty perfectly on Just Shoot Me. The SNL alum is one of the many guest stars the series has seen from the previous series where the Hot in Cleveland stars once appeared. Laura San Giacomo from Just Shoot Me has also guested on the show. So have Mary Tyler Moore and Ed Asner from The Mary Tyler Moore show where Betty White once appeared, and John Mahoney from Jane Leeves former vehicle, Frasier.

Hot in Cleveland has been renewed for Season 4 and seems to on a role. Star Betty White’s 90th birthday this year put a spotlight on the show from TVLand, something of an underdog in the original programming market. But the four female leads on the series have enough connections to keep the big name guest stars rolling in. They’ve also seen Joan Rivers, Kevin Nealon and Rick Springfield among the visitors to the series.

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