Diablo Cody wants to return to TV, and this time it seems she’s looking for a broader audience. The United States of Tara creator has spent the last year writing and working on Young Adult, as well as has several other movie scripts in the works. However, now the Showtime series creator will be giving a romantic comedy project a go, and this time she's sold the project to a network.

Cody has sold the romantic comedy Alex + Amy to ABC. The single camera comedy actually hails from Warner Bros. TV; nonetheless, ABC was the network to snap the project up. According to THR, Alex + Amy has been given a script plus a penalty order. Unlike most of Cody’s other works, the project sounds like it has the potential to be charming.

The romantic comedy script will follow an older, Generation X woman who has the hots for and falls in love with a younger man. While that doesn’t sound like an overly edgy premise, if the romantic comedy pulls a few notes from United States of Tara, audiences may be getting more than they bargained for. Cody will executive produce the series, alongside her manager Mason Novick, Justin Falvey, and Darryl Frank.

Although I’m always a sucker for a romantic comedy, I’m very interested to see how (or if) that will translate with Cody’s normally edgy writing style and dysfunctional characters. Maybe the whole thing will be even be charming with an edge, who knows? TV Blend will keep you posted if Alex + Amy gets a pilot pick-up. In the interim, I really hope they work on that title.

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