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Doctor Who turns fifty this year. The series does anyway. I expect the character's a bit older than that. Regardless, there are things planned to acknowledge the five-decade anniversary, including the recently announced stamps to be made available by Royal Mail over in the U.K., and a 90-minute TV movie set to explore the genesis of the title character. While there's plenty to look forward to for Doctor Who fans, including the second half of the seventh season, unfortunately, the return of Billie Piper isn't among them.

Bleeding Cool shared the video below, which is a snippet of a recent episode of The Graham Norton Show, which has Billie Piper, who played the Doctor's companion Rose in the long-running sci-fi series, answering a question about the rumors that she might be back on the series at some point for the show's 50th anniversary.

"I wasn't asked, no…" Piper said, going on to suggest that the rumor about her possibly making a return to the show might have been misconstrued from something Matt Smith said in jest. It's unclear whether they're referring to a return for the planned TV movie An Adventure In Space and Time or just an upcoming episode. Either way, she hasn't been asked, which is likely to be a disappointment to fans of Rose. Word is (as of last fall, anyway), David Tennant will make a return in time for the anniversary.

On a related note (to the video), Frank Skinner's comments about wanting to appear on the show were pretty great. Especially the part about the email getting cut off. Someone let the guy be a lunar rock!

You can watch the full episode of The Graham Norton Show here.