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Doctor Who is a fun show for plenty of reasons. Between the time travel shenanigans, the quirky Doctor du jour, and the crazy characters along the way, sitting down for an evening of Who is pretty much a guaranteed good time for any fan. The show wouldn’t be the same, however, if the Doctor didn’t have a great companion traveling through time with him. The Twelfth Doctor is currently without a companion, but rumor has it that one actress is being considered for the role: Rakhee Thakrar.

Rakhee Thakrar has an unforgettable role in the British series EastEnders to her name. She played Shabnam Masoon, a woman whose traumatic journey over twelve months saw her delivering a stillborn baby. Critics and viewers alike responded well to her nuanced performance in a sensitive storyline, and Doctor Who fans can definitely use it as proof that Thakrar would be capable of handling anything that the show could throw her way.

Rakhee Thakrar

Thakrar’s possible future on Doctor Who is only rumor at this point, according to Radio Times, and auditions for the role of the Doctor’s next companion have not yet even begun. But Rakhee Thakrar’s place on the list of contenders would make sense considering her television experience. She left EastEnders in February, so the timing may well be perfect for her to take a ride or ten in the TARDIS.

Rumors of Rakhee Thakrar as a possible candidate for the next companion come on the heels of Who alum Maisie Williams debunking the rumor that she would be joining the cast full time. Add in the fact that lead actor Peter Capaldi has expressed the desire that his next companion not be a man, and it looks like the stars could be aligning for Thakrar to be a solid contender.

There’s no saying how long she’d be in the TARDIS with the Doctor if she does land the part of the next companion. Companions in the days of original showrunner Russell T. Davies tended to be one-season wonders, but current showrunner Steven Moffat has allowed major companions to stick around for multiple seasons. As Moffat is going to be replaced by Chris Chibnall of Broadchurch fame after Season 10, there’s no saying how companion tenures will be handled from Season 11 on. As even Peter Capaldi has said that he might not continue as the Doctor after Season 10, the actress replacing Jenna Coleman may be the only constant in the near future of Who.

We can’t say for sure whether or not Rakhee Thakrar will be the next human time traveler to zip around with Twelve in the TARDIS, but there’s no reason to be anything but optimistic if she does land the role. Since we may not even getting any new Who until 2017, we can at least enjoy having something new for speculation.