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It doesn’t look like there’s an end in sight for Peter Capaldi’s reign as the Twelfth Doctor on Doctor Who, as he’s likely to return for Season 10 and perhaps beyond. But that doesn’t mean fans don’t love talking about who might succeed him. As it happens, Agent Carter star Hayley Atwell is keen on taking over the role, and if the world is a pure and just place, we may one day get to see that happen. But probably not, because the world is no such thing.

While waiting for a flight recently, Atwell tasked her Twitter followers with asking her some non-filthy questions, and when the subject of Doctor Who came up, she went above and beyond with her answer.

Because she’s British and awesome, I’m pretty sure Atwell has already nailed all of the qualifications it takes to become a Doctor. To see her going on timey-wimey journeys – with Chris Evans as her companion, while we’re dreaming big here – would be a gift from across time and space. Just like the Doctor!

From a logistics angle, Atwell is technically already invested that other huge franchise, the Marvel Cinematic Universe. She’s got Season 2 of Agent Carter coming, as well as a part in Captain America: Civil War next year, and presumably more super-projects in the future. That still leaves her schedule open in places for a possible run at the sonic screwdriver, but we probably shouldn’t hold our breath. Still, just imagine that on the other end of the phoneline she’s holding below is the TARDIS.


To some, of course, it isn’t even an issue of Atwell herself taking the role of the Time Lord, but having a woman doing it in the first place. It’s one of the most contested aspects of Doctor Who, the lack of a female lead, and even though it almost happened at one point in the past, the concept has had its naysayers. Even former Doctors have spoken against a female Time Lord. But one of the great things about the future is that no one knows what will happen, so don’t mind us if we start writing “#AtwellForWho” all over the place.

Doctor Who will return to BBC America for Season 9 on Saturday, September 19. Keep an eye out for that guest spot from Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams, who would also make a great Doctor in the future.

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