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Last week on Doctor Who, The Doctor and Clara engaged in a heist adventure that was more lukewarm than thrilling. It's okay, things like this happen from time to time, and this week it looks like the game's back on. A monster has come to Coal Hill Secondary School... and he's chasing a robot, while terrorizing the person he cares about the most. Let's dive in and get to know “The Caretaker” a little better.

”I'm the new caretaker, John Smith. John Smith's the name, but most people call me... The Doctor.”

Despite Clara's best efforts, The Doctor and Danny have finally met. The friction between the two was a greater threat than any monster roaming the halls of Coal Hill, because we all know how much The Doctor enjoys soldiers. Thankfully, time and space didn't tear themselves apart and The Doctor eventually got the hang of Danny Pink and understands how good he is for Clara. It was great to see this at the core of the story, as the moments when the characters are more of the focus than the monsters are what makes Doctor Who a joy to watch.

”Sorry, she's a bit... busy today.”

After two weeks without any mention, Missy and The Nethersphere (aka “The Promised Land”, “Heaven”, etc) have come back into the fold. Better still, we've been introduced to Missy's administrative assistant, Seb; which tells us that the woman looking like a Victorian Nanny isn't the only one running the Afterlife. Apparently this Nethersphere is something to behold, but of course viewers don't know what it looks like exactly, because why spoil the surprise this early? It's good to see Doctor Who go back to its teasing ways, as this season's arc harkens back to the Season 5 arc with the crack in the wall.

”Are you an Alien?” “No, I'm still from Blackpool.”

So the Clara and Danny relationship looks to be firm as ever, with not even time travel coming between the two of them. This is great because it feels like both Danny and Clara are getting better writing every episode. It's also nice to see a love story that isn't overly dependent on typical trappings, and it would be really nice to see Danny pop into the TARDIS for an adventure or two. After all, some of the best stories in recent times involved a pair of coupled companions keeping The Doctor in check. Answers are slowly being leaked as to who and what The Doctor will be expected to face, and yet the mystery still manages to grow in depth and scope.

Next week, MOON SPIDERS! There's really nothing to say about that, except it's understandable why destroying the Moon is a viable option, and we might be venturing into “fixed point” territory again. Because fixed point territory is the best territory! We'll see you next week when we recap “Kill The Moon!” In the meantime, you can head on over to page 2 for this week's Doctor's Notes!

The Caretaker
The Doctor's Notes
Twelve mentions River! Fingers crossed we'll get to see her again, thanks to the wibbly wobbly progression of time. Fingers uncrossed that this reunion ends up with her alongside everyone else that's died at The Doctor's hand in the Nethersphere.

It sounded like Twelve might have also made a reference to Ian and/or Barbara when he was talking to Clara about having someone similar to her on the TARDIS in the past. Could Clara and Danny be the new Barbara and Ian?

Capaldi fans from his days on The Thick of It will recognize that gentleman working for Missy is his former co-star Chris Addison. Oh, to see those two interact again.

Nothing like The Doctor whistling one of his own theme tunes to make you laugh... and rewind the episode.

Gareth Roberts, Steven Moffat’s co-writer this week, seems to really like episodes where The Doctor is placed into contemporary society and has to fight an otherworldly menace in the meantime. If you need any further proof of this fact, simply go back and watch his last two episodes: The Lodger and Closing Time, both featuring James Corden's beloved character, Craig.

Yeah, still upset Craig didn't get to see Eleven one last time. Someone needs to remedy that at some point in the future.

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