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If you’ve been feeling like Doctor Who Season 8 has been flying by too quickly, we’ve got great news for you. While we can’t work magic to add on some more episodes, this week, BBC America announced that the Doctor Who season ender will actually be a special extended episode that will run for 60 minutes. That’s 15 more minutes more than the usual 45 that have been standard for the show since it was reworked in 2005.

Here at Cinema Blend, we’ve been pretty excited about the Doctor Who finale. Besides last week’s light-on-action entry, the new season has featured plenty of interesting moments, alongside a particularly compelling performance from new Time Lord Peter Capaldi. If you’ve been keeping up with the series, you should already know that the two-parter finale looks pretty incredible. This Saturday, BBC American will air the first part, "Dark Water," and then on November 8, THR reports we’ll get the lengthy 60-minute episode with “Death in Heaven."

The extended episode makes so much sense. If you’ve caught any of the trailers and teasers Doctor Who has released leading into this season’s two-part finale, you already know there are plenty of WTF moments waiting for us during the Season 8 closer. We know you know about the Cybermen, but why is Clara walking toward them in some sort of trance? And what is the deal with Missy? These questions are likely to be answered and more, but I'm also interested in determining what the show has in the works overall for Clara. Her motivations have been all over the board for the last several weeks, and I would be excited to see the show address that. I guess we will have to wait and see.

While the trailers haven't straight-up explained much about the actual episodes, they've been so action-packed that I have had trouble seeing how the series would address so many crazy moments in such a short time. Thank god for two-parter, extended finales, am I right? Just in case you’ve missed it, you can catch the first trailer, below.
I know it’s difficult, but try to contain your excitement. And be sure to catch an all-new episode of BBC America’s Doctor Who this Saturday at 9 p.m. ET.

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