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Doctor Who is gearing up to return to the schedule for its ninth season, and BBC America has finally released a new trailer for the upcoming episodes. The new trailer is heavy on the action but fairly light on the spoiler alerts, and features appearances from a slew of villains and characters who will be popping up in Season 9. Check out the fun and intense trailer, below.
In the video, we get to hear from Clara, who is 100% back for Season 9 and even saying some pretty confident things about the Time Lord and his ability to put together incredible plans. At another point she’s looking terrified while surrounded by Daleks in an enclosed room, so then again, maybe her confidence in the Doctor shouldn’t be so great, after all. There are plenty of escape sequences, glimpses of The Master, and even one particularly perfect scene which features Peter Capaldi with a ferocious look on his face as he rides a horse that is galloping down a path quickly. Gotta love a Time Lord on a horse.


We also get to see a lot more from Maisie Williams, who will be playing a new character in the Doctor Who universe. The show has been fairly tight-lipped about who Williams will be playing, but Moffatt has revealed previously that her character will be “significant” and the role is actually a “clever idea.” I love that she’s rocking some super-feminine, totally non-Arya curls, which is different from the weird gear she wore in the Comic-Con-released segment.


The good news is that the new footage is pretty different from the sights we saw in the Comic-Con footage. The bad news is that it still reveals more questions than answers. While a lot of trailers tell us exactly where a series is going in 5 minutes or less, in less than a minute, this trailer shows us a lot of interesting footage without revealing much about any of the overarching or one-off plots we will be delving into for Season 9. If you are excited about the upcoming episodes, we have compiled all of the information that has slipped from the mouths of Moffatt and the BBC team in recent months. Or, you can just hold your horses for a little longer. Doctor Who will return to the schedule on Saturday, September 19, airing on BBC American in the United States. If you are catching it in the UK, tune in to BBC One.