Last I checked, the Daleks of Doctor Who were more about exterminating than they were about saving anything. But they're singing a very different tune in this brief teaser for the upcoming seventh season of the long-running science fiction series. The series returns this fall with a premiere episode titled "Asylum of the Daleks." I don't know what that is, but it sounds loud.

It's a brief clip, but it shows the Daleks making their demand (plea?) to the Doctor and his companions. I guess even the Daleks need help once in a while…

Will he save them? He might not have a choice, and their selection of phrasing doesn't sound much like a request, really.

According to MTV Geek says the rumor is, Season 7 will premiere on September 1st, but that doesn't sound confirmed yet. Given that September is just next month, we'll hopefully be hearing confirmation on the premiere date soon enough. In the meantime, if the above teaser wasn't enough to whet your appetite for Series 7, you can check out the trailer and Dalek-y teaser photo here.

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