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Doctor Who Stamp Set To Be Available By British Royal Mail This March

You have to figure, it's probably a pretty big deal for any U.K. actor to get the opportunity to play the iconic role of Doctor Who in the beloved and extremely long-running British sci-fi series. But it may be an even bigger honor (if we eliminate the magnitude of the geek factor) to have ones face on an official stamp. Royal Mail and BBC Worldwide are acknowledging Doctor Who's 50th anniversary this year by introducing a set of stamps that feature the faces of the 11 Doctors featured in the series five-decade run.

For stamp enthusiasts who are unfamiliar with Doctor Who, the sci-fi series chronicles the adventures of a human-looking alien called a "Time Lord," who goes by the name the Doctor and travels throughout space and time, having adventures with his companion. Because the Doctor has the ability to regenerate when he's near death, the appearance of the character (and thus, the actor playing him) has changed numerous times over the course of the show's run, which explains 11 actors playing the same role.

EW shared word of Britain's Royal Mail's planned Doctor Who stamp set, pointing fans here for more details. The stamps will be available at (opens in new tab) beginning March 26, 2013. Featured on them are the present Doctor, Matt Smith, as well as David Tennant, Christopher Eccleston, Paul McGann, Sylvester McCoy, Colin Baker, Peter Davison, Tom Baker, Jon Pertwee, Patrick Troughton and the First Doctor, William Hartnell.

There will also be a five stamp miniature sheet, which will include a stamp featuring the Doctor's means of transportation, the TARDIS. You can get a look of that, as well as each of the Doctor stamps here. While fans Stateside wouldn't be able to use them for mailing purposes, they'd certainly make a great collectors item, for those who can't get enough of the series.

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