Doctor Who/Star Trek: The Next Generation Crossover Coming In Comic Form

If there's one thing fans love more than their favorite shows/movies/books/comics/games, it's mashing two or more of those things together like some sort of delicious candy. Just do a cursory scan of the internet and you'll find every variation you can think of (and some of them actually without any hardcore sex scenes!). Mulder and Scully investigating cases with Carl Kolchak? The stories are out there. Malcolm Reynolds dropping through a dimensional rift and teaming up with Buffy Summers? You know it's happened. A lengthy fan-fic tome uniting the mythologies of Lost and Alcatraz. Almost certainly in the works by somebody. But while creative fans have penned zillions of pages of this stuff, officially approved crossovers between unrelated properties are a lot more rare. That's why many a fan's head will pop like a balloon at the news that an upcoming comic series will smash the universes of Doctor Who and Star Trek: The Next Generation together to see what happens.

The news comes from Bleeding Cool, who report that the Eleventh Doctor (that's the current, Matt Smith version) and his companions, Amy and Rory, will steer the TARDIS into the TNG universe in a crossover comic book series to be published by IDW this May. No plot details have leaked yet, but The Doctor and company are expected to encounter all the major TNG players: Captain Picard, Riker, Data, Geordi, Worf, etc. The series is expected to get an official announcement at next week's Gallifrey One convention next week, so hopefully we'll have more scuttlebutt then.

In the mean time, check out the rather awesome bit of artwork below, which will purportedly serve as one of the covers for the series. Let the speculation begin! Will the Enterprise crew fight the Daleks? Will the Borg face the business end of a sonic screwdriver? Could we see The Doctor squaring off against Q? (That last one just gave me a little shiver.) We'll just have to wait and see...