Doing Da Vinci On The Discovery Channel

There is no disputing that Leonardo Da Vinci was a man before his time. He is well known for his paintings and sculptures, and most people have seen the sketches he did for inventions that he had imagined creating.

Sadly, Leo was never able to pull the inventions from the pages into reality. And, we don’t know if it was because he lacked the materials, or if there was a conspiracy by the Pope, or what. The Discovery Channel and producer Craig Piligian are teaming up to create a show based on the genius of Leonardo, and if all goes right, they are going to bring those inventions to life. The show is set to be titled Doing Da Vinci, and while it seems a little sexual for the title of a show about a guy who's been dead for over 500 years, I guess it will do.

According to Hollywood Reporter , “The "Da Vinci" design team will include a rocket scientist, a Hollywood special effects expert and an everyday in-the-garage inventor. Although the team will use modern tools, the building materials will all be re-creations of what was available during Da Vinci's era. The series is expected to debut some time next year.”

I think this sounds like a really great idea for a show. I love history, I love Leo (Da Vinci and Dicaprio – hey, maybe they should get him in on this somehow), and those sketches should get a chance to be created.