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Drop Dead Diva Gets A New Season 5 Promo

In a few weeks, Drop Dead Diva makes its grand return. And those of us keeping up with the news on this series won't take that for granted. The Lifetime drama was nearly cancelled. In fact, it was cancelled, but Lifetime gave it a reprieve, which gives us a chance to see how last season's major cliffhanger is resolved! The newest promo teases that, and gives us a look at the new guardian angel, whom TVLine reminds us, is played by Justin Deeley.

(Spoilers if you aren't caught up on Drop Dead Diva!)

The fourth season left off with Old-Jane returning into Owen's body just as he dropped dead of a heart attack, which was brought on from witnessing Jane and kissing Grayson. So there's that whole drama. Only it looks like Jane doesn't realize that Owen is actually now Old-Jane. From the promo, and the official episode description, Owen has gone missing and Jane's trying to find him, probably to talk to him about the Grayson situation. What's Old-Jane up to in Owen's body? I'm thinking panicking. Coming back to life as a man has to be a bit more jarring than reincarnating as an attorney.

In addition to Justin Deeley, Season 5 will also feature guest appearances by Carter McEntyre, Natalie Hall, Sharon Garrison, Holly Fain, Aaron Farb, Shane Callahan, Kenny alfonso, Mike Pniewski and Gary Hudson. Here's the full episode description for the Season 5 premiere, titled "Back from the Dead," which airs June 23 on Lifetime:

Jane frantically searches for Owen, who went missing after seeing her kiss Grayson just before their wedding. Luke tells Jane that “Old Jane” is back on earth and could be in anyone’s body, even Owen’s. Jane represents a desperate father trying to save his eight-year-old son who’s fighting T-cell Lymphoma when his drug treatment is abruptly terminated by a pharmaceutical company. Meanwhile, Kim takes on the case of a woman whose ex-boyfriend posted nude photos of her on website devoted to ex-girlfriend revenge. Luke is reprimanded for mishandling Jane and gets replaced. Finally, Jane gets an unexpected visitor.