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Eastbound & Down Season 3: Behind The Scenes With Danny McBride And Jody Hill

HBO just released the first full trailer for the upcoming year of Eastbound and Down. The third season of the half-hour comedy is bringing Kenny Powers back to American soil, this time with a minor league pitching position as part of the Mermen in Myrtle Beach or as it's also known, "the redneck Riviera." Could you think of a more perfect setting to unleash the Powers and all his accompanying shenanigans? And when the co-creators promise the funniest, best season yet, you best buy your season's tickets. Especially since you now get to go behind the scenes.

While the trailer, teasers and posters have been as bombastic as the Southern Star Pitcher, the behind-the-scene video from HBO is far more subdued as we get to meet the people who bring the larger than life characters to life. It's always interesting to get to hear from the people who make the show what it is and, in this case, especially so since seeing Danny McBride out of character is similar in bravado yet vastly different in attitude. I love how he discusses the show's beginnings - just doing what he and fellow creator Jody Hill thought was funny - because I've always felt that's the exact attitude and uncompromising vision that really engages an audience, not the pre-packaged shows based on some marketable premise.

The contrasting personalities of the two creators couldn't be more apparent in this brief set visit, McBride's confidence shining through like a more subdued version of the character he portrays versus the quiet and soft spoken Jody Hill. My favorite line from the video comes from the writer/director when he says (and it's so true) that "I think there's two kind of people - there's people who get the joke of what we're trying to do and then there's the people that see themselves in Kenny Powers... Those are the scary people." Well said. Hill and McBride has a long-standing friendship and working relationship (which reminds me of the Wes Anderson - Owen Wilson collaboration) and I truly think that the fun and chemistry they have together in real life translates to the screen and is only another reason their work is so enjoyable and hilarious. Like, outrageous, spit-take funny.

Oh, and in case you want to cheer on the Myrtle Beach Mermen in style, you can pick up an officially licensed Kenny Powers jersey here. You can even grab his signature curly mullet, if you're so inclined. Who doesn't want to wear (be) number 55? Of course, you do because, as Kenny says, he is "the picture of success."

Eastbound & Down Season 3 premieres Sunday, February 19 on HBO. The show stars Danny McBride, Steve Little and Katy Mixon. It was created by Jody Hill, Ben Best and McBride.