Eastbound And Down Teaser Trailer Puts Kenny Powers On A Moped

When last we saw Danny McBride’s Kenny Powers character, he'd just had his dreams of glory crushed when plans for a return to the majors went sour. Ashamed to face his family and friends, Kenny abandoned the girl of his dreams at a gas station and ran off to Mexico. It doesn’t look like things went well in Mexico, but don’t worry, he’s a bulletproof tiger.

Eastbound & Down returns to HBO on September 26th and when it does, it looks like Kenny Powers will arrive… riding a moped through south of the border streets. By now he’s surely contracted some form of VD. But he’s Kenny Powers, and that means he knows how to make even a moped look badass. Here’s his new Eastbound & Down trailer. Kenny Powers. Moped. Watch:

Eastbound & Down stars Danny McBride as a delusional washed out baseball player who refuses to let go of his former fame. If there’s one thing he hates it’s losing. If there’s two things he hates it’s losing and getting cancer.

Josh Tyler