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The Education Of Dee Dee Ricks Preview: HBO Documentary Explores Breast Cancer And Healthcare

HBO is tackling the issue of affordable healthcare in this country from very specific angle next Thursday when the pay-cable channel airs the documentary The Education of Dee Dee Ricks. The film follows a wealthy woman who is diagnosed with breast cancer and begins to see how hard it is for uninsured women with the disease to afford treatment.

Dee Dee Rinks is a successful 39-year-old career woman who finds herself with stage II breast cancer. Wanting to document the experience for herself and her children, her film ends up chronicling her discovery of the cost of getting treatment for cancer and the bond she forms with an uninsured breast cancer patient.

The film sounds like it’ll touch on the issue of breast cancer, and the problems with affording medical treatment, which is a serious issue for a lot of people in this country. This one sounds like it’ll hit close to home for a lot of people, including myself, having recently discovered the high cost of health insurance in New York state, and having known numerous women who have fought breast cancer, some of whom lost the fight. I’ll be interested to see Dee Dee Rick’s story in this film.

The Education of Dee Dee Ricks premieres Thursday, October 27th (8:30-9:45 p.m. ET/PT), exclusively on HBO.

Kelly West
Kelly West

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