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Episodes Season 2 Premiere Full Episode Arrives Online: Watch It Here!

It's becoming sort of a recurring thing that pay-cable channels preview their season premiere episodes online. It's a nice way to boost interest in the approaching new season, and it likely entices non-subscribers to consider giving their channel a whirl. It looks like Showtime has taken this approach with their returning comedy series Episodes as the Season 2 premiere has arrived online. Check it out ahead!

If there's a slight downside to these preview episodes, it's that they're usually slightly edited for internet-television. But that's a small price to pay for getting to see Episode 1 weeks ahead of its official premiere.

Showtime's Episodes stars Stephen Mangan and Tamsin Greig as a British couple who move to Los Angeles to adapt their BAFTA award-winning TV show for an American audience. Adapting their lives to L.A. culture proves to be as challenging as adapting their TV show. Matt LeBlanc won a Golden Globe for his performance in the role of himself in the series' first season, and he's back in Season 2. When last season left off, Sean and Beverly's marriage had fully imploded after Beverly's indiscretion with Matt. Needless to say, things pick up in a tense place…

(Spoilers from the above Season 2 premiere episode below!)

Well, Sean and Beverly's marriage may be in an unstable place, but it's good to see they're still hard at work, dealing with the early reviews of Pucks! and later, the premiere ratings. Speaking of which, Pucks! it's apparently Matt LeBlanc's first show since Friends! I actually think pretending Joey didn't exist for two seasons is a good approach. And not overly celebrating high ratings before the talking dog series premieres is probably also a good approach. Matt is already setting himself for some in-house conflict, after allowing himself to be thoroughly groped by Merc's wife during the screening. Maybe not the best way to kick off the Pucks! season, but it probably isn't a bad way to get things started for Episodes, given the kind of humor and drama that'll likely ensue.

Episodes makes its official debut Sunday, July 1 on Showtime.

Kelly West
Kelly West

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