The Ewok Line As Explained By Barney Stinson On How I Met Your Mother

If you caught last night’s episode of How I Met Your Mother, then you know Barney explained what he likes to call “The Ewok Line.” This includes a graph that demonstrates the drastic shift in Ewok appreciation based on what year a person was born. If you haven’t seen it, check it out ahead, along with the useful slideshow, which includes many interesting Ewok factoids.

Part of last night’s episode, titled “Field Trip,” had Barney discovering that a woman he was seeing hated the Ewoks. This news devastated him as he believed her strong opinion against the furry little Endorians meant she was in her late 30’s, which puts her far outside his preferred age bracket for the female species. Here’s the graph he presented to explain how her hatred of Ewoks could determine her age:

By his logic, those born before 1973 were too old to appreciate the adorable teddy-bear like Ewoks when Return of the Jedi debuted, while those born after loved them. Of course, he didn’t account for the fact that the graph wouldn’t apply to someone who didn’t see Star Wars until they were older. I expect a similar graph could be drawn up to determine age based on Jar Jar Binks appreciation. If she likes Jar Jar, she’s too young!

Here’s a video CBS posted with an Ewok slideshow, which is fittingly set to the Yub Nub song from Return of the Jedi

You can watch the full episode, which features Barney’s abridged presentation, wherein he explains how the Ewok line works here.

How I Met Your Mother airs Mondays at 8/7c on CBS.

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