Explorer: Born To Rage Preview: Does Henry Rollins Have The Warrior Gene?

Later this month, the National Geographic Channel will be exploring the concept of the “warrior gene” in an episode of Explorer titled “Born to Rage,” and who better to guide us through it than punk rocker Henry Rollins?

I’ve never been a fan of Henry Rollins’ music, as I typically find punk rock in general to be fairly unnerving. With that said, Rollins himself captivates me. Even if I can’t relate to or don’t agree with what he’s talking about, there’s just something about the way he speaks that draws me in. The man’s been all over the entertainment industry. In addition to his music career, he’s appeared in movies, TV shows, done audiobooks, video games and even radio. In a couple of weeks, he’ll be participating in an episode of Explorer, which will explore the idea of the warrior gene. The episode will include Rollins and other people from various backgrounds getting tested to see if they carry the gene.

Here’s what National Geographic released on the episode, which airs Tuesday, December 14 at 10PM ET/PT:

National Geographic Channel’s Explorer: Born to Rage? investigates the discovery behind a single “warrior gene” directly associated with violent behavior. With bullying and violent crime making headlines, this controversial finding stirs up the nature-versus-nurture debate. Now, former Grammy-winning rocker, author and radio/television broadcaster Henry Rollins goes in search of carriers from diverse, sometimes violent backgrounds who agree to be tested for the genetic mutation. Who has the warrior gene? And are all violent people carriers? The results turn assumptions upside down.

Based on this promo, the episode looks really interesting.

Kelly West
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