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When Fear the Walking Dead arrives to give audiences a different take on the zombie apocalypse currently plaguing the characters of The Walking Dead, it will feature quite a few necessary alterations, both thematically and aesthetically. And the show’s co-creator Robert Kirkman just shared that one of those changes involves how the characters are informed about their fatally doomed natures. I’m guessing it won’t be a singing telegram.

One of the most damning things tormenting the minds of The Walking Dead’s characters is knowing that all living creatures are hosts for the zombifying infection, and that it doesn’t just take death by walker-bite to make one a member of the undead community. And it sounds like the Fear the Walking Dead characters will become privy to this info at some point as well, but don’t expect to see Noah Emmerich’s CDC scientist stopping by to share the news. Here’s how Kirkman explained it to EW.
So yeah, anything that you learn from Fear the Walking Dead will apply to the mythology of The Walking Dead and vice versa. So you are going to get to see the characters learn that they’re all infected in a much different way. But all the rules do apply and are the same. That will be some of the fun if you’re watching both shows.

If you’ll recall, Season 1 of The Walking Dead ended on the group leaving the Center for Disease Control, where Dr. Jenner told Rick the awful news that all humans are infected. That was extremely early on in the show’s run for that reveal to come into play, and Kirkman later expressed that he regretted giving that information away to audiences so quickly. So it’s rather surprising to me that he’s even bringing it up in reference to the spinoff’s storyline, as this would be a good time to hold off on that disclosure, since not all of Fear the Walking Dead’s viewers will have watched all of The Walking Dead. (Although the crossover will presumably be sizeable.)

Of course, perhaps Kirkman is talking about divulging this information later on in the series’ run, and not necessarily during the six-episode Season 1. In any case, this will present the chance to see the news come out in a cooler way. Perhaps at a funeral, where the corpse pops out of the coffin unexpectedly and goes psycho on the mourning crowd. That, or some other way involving a recently deceased person, would be a far more gripping way to get that point across than having someone whisper it into another person’s ear.

Find out where the storyline is heading – though we know it definitely won’t be going to the woods – when Fear the Walking Dead premieres this summer on AMC.

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