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It's no coincidence that The Dark Knight, which contains DC Comic's most iconic bad guy in The Joker - with the late Health Ledger deserving a lot of credit for doing the character justice - is the most memorable of Christopher Nolan's Batman films because the villain is not only one of the main reasons to watch any superhero adaptation but often key to their success.

And one of the benefits of adapting comic books for television instead of film? The writers not only have the entire universe of baddies at their disposal for the hero to battle but (hopefully) also the time to make the rounds instead of trying to jam too many into one film as can be the case when caped crusaders make it to the big screen. The CW has already made it quite clear (with the casting of characters like China White and Huntress) that Arrow will be taking full advantage of the DC Universe, especially since Deadshot will soon show up in Star City.

An assassin who never misses, Deadshot is a popular comic book villain and usually a recurring headache for Batman in Gotham City, however, his talents often bring in work from other cities in the DCU. Appearing in the third episode, aptly titled "Lone Gunman," I wonder what brings him up against Oliver Queen/Arrow (played by Stephen Amell)? We'll won't find that out for a few weeks but for now, thanks to The Huffington Post, here's the hero and villain (played by Michael Rowe) squaring off in the first two photos of Deadshot in The CW's Arrow...

The first picture shows the titular hero and new villain grappling with each other in a low-lit abandoned warehouse (probably a familiar setting in the series trying desperately to adopt the Nolan gritty and realistic tone) but it doesn't afford much of a look at Deadshot. Not to worry, the second has the villain (eyepiece and all) clearly on display in his signature pose behind the sight of a long barrelled gun. Much better.

Arrow premieres Wednesday, October 10 at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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