Between America’s Next Top Model and shows like Gossip Girl, The CW is already brimming with fashion-conscious women on their primetime programming, so Carrie Bradshaw should fit in nicely at that network, should things go well for the Sex and the City prequel pilot The Carrie Diaries. Those who’ve read the book on which the drama pilot is based know a bit about what Carrie was like in her younger years, but what did she look like? Or what will she look in the CW’s pilot?

Warner Bros. shared the photo below, which gives us a look at AnnaSophia Robb, all dressed up for her part as Carrie Bradshaw in The CW’s drama pilot The Carrie Diaries.

While not exactly a dead ringer for Sex and the City’s Sarah Jessica Parker, she has the curly hair and the preference for a creative and colorful wardrobe going for her. And since I mentioned Gossip Girl earlier, it’s worth noting that GG costume designer Eric Daman is working on the wardrobe for TCD.

The Carrie Diaries takes Carrie Bradshaw’s story back to the 80’s, when she was young and just beginning to question love, life and friendship, “while exploring the worlds of high school and Manhattan.”




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