Fitz And Olivia Get Cozy For EW's Scandal Cover

Scandal EW cover

Entertainment Weekly is giving Scandal fans a reason to wait by their mailbox, or hurry out to the store later this week. As you may have noticed by the photo above, Scandal's this week's cover story, and we have a stunning look at the very pretty leads, Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn, looking much cozier than we've seen them in a while. Maybe cozy's not the right word. They almost look like they're clinging to one another, and it's also worth noting that the President's wedding ring is in view. Tsk. Tsk!

While there may be major tension between Fitz and Olivia these days, as the two are barely speaking and Fitz has become - as Kerry Washington puts it - a "grumpy pants," the video EW posted of Washington and Goldwyn at their photo shoot suggests the two actors get along just fine on set. In fact, it's funny to see them giggling over the fact that Washington continues to bring up how Fitz is married. "It's so inconvenient," Goldwyn complains. "Would you just get over that part of it?" To which Washington responds, "Leave her!" They settle on blaming Cyrus.

I love hearing actors talk about their show and their characters with the same kind of amusement and enthusiasm as fans. It makes me feel like they're as invested as we are in the outcome.

Goldwyn also talks about Fitz finding his way back to Olivia. "He realized that he's allowed himself to become somebody else," Goldwyn says of Fitz. "He's moving toward forgiveness and trying to find out how to rediscover Olivia, and reconnect with her. Because he's trying to forgive himself, so he wants to forgive her but he may have taken it too far and crossed a barrier that can't be uncrossed."

Interesting! And it makes me wonder how Jake fits into all of this. Would Olivia consider it a bigger betrayal that Fitz was having Jake spy on her or that Jake pursued her while he was spying on her? Will Jake suddenly turn dark and scary? Because right now he's sort of straddling the line between a guy just doing his job who's falling for the subject of his work, and a creepy stalker who's taking advantage of his situation to get closer to a woman. We know Scott Foley can play dangerous and dark as well as he can play charming-sweet-Noel-guy. So there's really no predicting the outcome of this situation.

Foley's character is featured in the clip we shared earlier, which shows us how he manages to get past Olivia's scheduled bug-sweep.

EW's Scandal issue hits stands on Friday, April 5.

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