One of the biggest hits to emerge from the mid-season premieres is Fox's The Following. Much like the charismatic serial killer played by James Purefoy, the slasher from Scream writer Kevin Williamson is amassing a good-sized cult of its own and has already been granted another season from the network. The reward can't be for good behavior, since the series is about as silly as it gets, but the numbers don't lie and people simply cannot stop watching the ridiculous case unfold, myself included.

The Following isn't necessarily a 'so bad, it's good' situation, either, but the series just somehow manages to stay entertaining and, as sick as it may sound, fun to watch in spite/because of how absurd the episodes may be from week to week. And to see where the craziness is headed over the next few weeks, Fox has put together this "Movie Trailer" for Season 1. Take a look…

The first minute and fifteen seconds of the spot are simply a recap of the events leading up to last week's "Let Me Go," but once the newest creepy cult member so self-referentially asks "how did you like the plot twist?" it's all new footage from the upcoming installments. Too bad the segment had to start with the painful plot within the plot reference, not helped by being immediately followed by Joe's comment about finishing 'our story,' because that's pretty much the most grating part about The Following. We get it. You like Poe. This is your novel. Just get on with the hacking, slashing and surprising already.

The Following airs Monday nights at 9 p.m. ET on FOX.

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