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If the fall schedule hasn’t satisfied your televisual taste, don’t fret because there are still many intriguing series being held for a midseason premiere. Among the shows yet to debut are two highly anticipated serial killer dramas with Bryan Fuller bringing the most famous villain to the small screen in his take on Hannibal as well as Scream’s Kevin Williamson returning to slashers with The Following.

While we’ve yet to see anything from the former save a few promotional photos, the latter not only screened the pilot at Comic-Con back in July (to considerable acclaim) but has been steadily releasing previews ever since. The latest look at the police procedural with a horror slant is simply titled “October” because any scary story coming out soon should at least acknowledge Halloween and take advantage of the one time of year when everyone is seeking something a little unsettling. Well, prepare to be unsettled.

The preview, similar to the previous looks at the series, does a great job introducing us to Kevin Bacon’s former FBI agent and current alcoholic, Ryan Hardy who is brought back into the investigation when James Purefoy’s Joe Carroll, a literature professor slash murderer, escapes from prison. But behind bars or not, it doesn’t matter when a bunch of Carroll’s serial killing students come out of the wood work to help him continue his masterpiece. And the new posters, recently released on the show’s Facebook page, are also playing up the, uh, following aspect of The Following by showcasing some of the disciples. Pretty creepy.

The Following premieres midseason on Fox (Monday nights in 2013). Created by Kevin Williamson, the series stars Kevin Bacon, James Purefoy and Natalie Zea.

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