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There are few things more trendy right now than turning classic movies into television shows. We recently wrote an entire list about it, but apparently, we should have waited another month because there’s a new addition: Friday The 13th.

We’ve known the beloved horror franchise was being reimagined as a TV pitch for awhile now, but it was never clear whether it would actually draw the interest of a network. This new version, now being developed by the CW, will feature a twist that’ll make it particularly appropriate for television. The potential series will actually follow a detective in Crystal Lake who is searching for his brother. According to Deadline, that search will overlap with some kind of hunt for Jason Vorhees who has returned from a dormant period to start getting his serial killer on again.

If this were a show on CBS, you would assume the format would be a case of the week variety with Vorhees undertones throughout and 4 or 5 episodes a season that directly involve him, but since Friday The 13th would run on the CW, the network may be open to a format that requires viewers to watch every episode. We’ll see. I’m not necessarily convinced one is inherently better than the other. When case of the week is done correctly it works, and it’s not as if every single serialized drama has been a brilliant testament to high art.

Much of the specifics of Friday The 13th are still being kept under wraps, but we do know it’ll involve hour long episodes that will be produced by the original film’s director Sean S Cunningham. At least the potential pilot and perhaps more will be written by Steve Mitchell and Craig Van Sickle, who are probably best known for creating The Pretender back in the mid-90s. They’re reportedly going for a horror/ crime thriller tone, but honestly, those two genres leave quite a bit of wiggle room. We could get a fast-paced thriller with creepy undertones or we could get an hour of horror with a loose enough plot to be called a “thriller’.

It’s easy to hate on all of these adaptations working their way through various development stages. Hollywood is not exactly in its most original period, and with movies and TV shows costing so much to produce, everyone wants a sure bet. Despite their unoriginal premises, however, some of these adaptations over the last half decade or so have actually been wonderful. Parenthood quietly evolved into one of the most complicated and touching shows on television, and the first season of Fargo was a home run in almost every single way. Fingers crossed Season 2 will be dynamite too.

Friday The 13th is still really early in the development stage. There’s a distinct chance this could implode and never see the light of day, but for the time being, let’s keep our fingers crossed this’ll show up shrouded in scary greatness sometime on the CW in the near-ish future.