Step aside, Magic Mike, Showtime's Gigolos is returning for its third season and the guys featured in this unscripted series are the real deal. And by that, I mean the full monty. The whole shebang. They get paid to show women a good time, and presumably to show Showtime viewers what it is to be a gigolo. Needless to say, this is not a series for bashful types or those why shy away from explicit content.

Showtime is bringing Gigolos back for a10-episode Season 3 later this month and the pay-cable network recently shared the teaser for Season 3, which gives us a look at the return of male escorts Nick, Vin, Brace and Steven, along with the new kid on the block, a possible zen master with a lot of hair (on his head, anyway).

"Jimmy's out, Ash is in," the trailer begins. There's a new gigolo in town, and what better way to walk viewers through the life of these working boys than by introducing them to a newbie.

Personally, this series exposes a bit more of this industry than I needed to satisfy my curiosity, but the guys seem fun and open to sharing their thoughts and experiences on what they do for a living.. Plus the occupation exists, and it's one that isn't often explored in film and television, so Showtime definitely gets points for originality.

Gigolos Season 3 premiere August 30th at 11PM ET/PT on Showtime.

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