Gigolos Season 3 Preview: Meet The New Guy

Step aside, Magic Mike, Showtime's Gigolos is returning for its third season and the guys featured in this unscripted series are the real deal. And by that, I mean the full monty. The whole shebang. They get paid to show women a good time, and presumably to show Showtime viewers what it is to be a gigolo. Needless to say, this is not a series for bashful types or those why shy away from explicit content.

Showtime is bringing Gigolos back for a10-episode Season 3 later this month and the pay-cable network recently shared the teaser for Season 3, which gives us a look at the return of male escorts Nick, Vin, Brace and Steven, along with the new kid on the block, a possible zen master with a lot of hair (on his head, anyway).

"Jimmy's out, Ash is in," the trailer begins. There's a new gigolo in town, and what better way to walk viewers through the life of these working boys than by introducing them to a newbie.

Personally, this series exposes a bit more of this industry than I needed to satisfy my curiosity, but the guys seem fun and open to sharing their thoughts and experiences on what they do for a living.. Plus the occupation exists, and it's one that isn't often explored in film and television, so Showtime definitely gets points for originality.

Gigolos Season 3 premiere August 30th at 11PM ET/PT on Showtime.

Kelly West
Assistant Managing Editor

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