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Among the topics addressed during last Sunday night's episode of Girls was sexual consequences. That appears to be a theme that's been carried over into this Sunday's episode, titled "All Adventurous Women Do." The preview for the episode suggests that Hannah may be due for a makeover, and her test results are back…

The Lena Dunham created Girls doesn't appear to be taking it slow in the way it tackles the issues addressed by female young adults. Last Sunday's episode included a scheduled abortion, and STD test, and a job interview. Two of these things actually happened. The results of one weren't good and the other were left pending. We know Hannah didn't get the job. Despite hitting it off during the interview, she crossed a line with an ill-timed date-rape joke that proved she still hasn't quite grasped the concept of appropriate office banter. And after learning that Adam basically never uses condoms, she decided to do the responsible thing and get tested. Based on the video below, it looks like the results are in and they might not be good…

In addition to the STD test (it seems implied that the results aren't good), it looks like Hannah's given herself an extreme make-over, and she's still spending time with Adam. In fact, I'm pretty sure there was even a skip in her step when he invited her up to his apartment to be chained to his bed for at least three days. Meanwhile, Shoshanna's going babysitting in what appears to be a see-through outfit, and Marnie's talking to some other guy.

Girls airs on Sunday nights at 10:30 p.m. ET on HBO.

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