The last major piece of news we've heard about the second season of Lena Dunham's dramedy Girls was that the series was set to return to HBO this January. That and a teaser are all we've really had to go on, but now there are some photos from Season 2 and a few details about the plot and the awkwardness we can expect from the series when it returns next year.

EW shared a few photos, a couple of which you can see below, which show Lena Dunham as Hannah, Jemima Kirke as Jessa, Allison Williams as Marnie, and Andrew Rannells as Hannah's ex-boyfriend.

Apparently, Jessa's new husband Thomas-John (played by Chris O'Dowd), has given his new bride a bunch of puppies. While I can see Jessa having fun doting over the little dogs, something tells me she won't love the responsibility for very long.

Meanwhile, the second photo shows Marnie and Elijah doing a bit of karaoke at the housewarming party Elijah and Hannah have thrown. Dunham told EW that the party doesn't go well, "even though she made cheesy pretzels." Hannah and drama do kind of go together like pretzels and cheese. Or baths and cupcakes. Dunham also promises "plenty of cringeworthy moments" in Season 2 as the titular girls continue their efforts to figure out how to be grown-ups.

There's another photo, which shows Hannah with Adam (Adam Driver), who's looking sulky with his broken leg (due to getting hit by a car last season). From what EW says, he's still feeling rejected by Hannah. Check out that photo here.

And if you haven't seen it, here's the teaser that HBO released earlier this fall. Girls returns for Season 2 January 13.

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