It was a great night for Girls, with two Golden Globes wins for the HBO comedy, including Best Actress for Lena Dunham as well as Best Comedy. And while that was happening (on east coast time, anyway) the second season premiered. While the series had a winning night at the Globes, its ratings weren't nearly as successful. The show's viewership seems to have dipped down a bit from its first season premiere.

Deadline shared the numbers today, stating that Sunday night's 9:00 p.m. Season 2 premiere earned 866,000 viewers, which is down from last season's 872,000. Granted, it's entirely possible that many Girls fans were too busy watching the Golden Globes last night to see if the show would win to catch the first airing of the series' second season premiere. And when you factor in later airings, HBO On Demand and HBO's streaming video service HBO Go, it's also possible that many viewers (I count myself among them) watched the episode at a later time. Later airings can be a notable factor for cable series and even more so for premium cable. So sure, a drop in numbers isn't great news, but considering how close it came to last season's premiere, and factoring in the show's recent awards win, I'd speculate that it's doing ok.

For those who did catch the premiere, below is the preview for next Sunday night's episode, titled "I Get Ideas".

I love Elijah and Hannah's face while they watch Adam sing. And it's amusing to met hat Jessa would tell Hannah she over thinks things. Hannah might take that personally (and she'll probably over-think it), but maybe it'll occur to her that a woman who marries a man she barely knows on a whim might be under-thinking things a little bit.

Girls airs Sundays at 9:00 p.m. ET on HBO.

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