If the girls of Girls were Sex and the City characters, Marnie would probably be the Charlotte. Or maybe I just say that because she dresses up and works and an art gallery. The first season of Girls had Allison Williams' character struggling with her feelings (or lack thereof) for her boyfriend Charlie. The new promotional video for Season 2 flashes back through the highs and lows of Marnie and Charlie's situation.

The video starts with a tense conversation between Marnie and her mother (played by Rita Wilson), who notes that Marnie looks like she's 30, and then we flash back to Marnie and Charlie's drama…

We don't get much of Rita Wilson's appearance as Marnie's mother, but it sounds like she's playing the concerned mom in this situation.

As for Marnie, it looks like Charlie is still a topic of discussion. Her confusion over how she feels about him was one of the more ongoing stories in Girls first season. Trying to figure out how Marnie feels about her college boyfriend was one of the slowly unraveling mysteries within the show. It seemed like she was resistant to break up with him because she didn't want to change things even though she wasn't really happy. She liked that he knows her and that she can be herself around him. And she liked having a boyfriend. But she's wasn't in love with him, and she didn't have it in her to fake it. But the idea of seeing him with someone else upset her, either because she hated that he wanted to be with someone else and not her or because he managed to move on so quickly. Or both. It's kind of complicated and yet it all seems to make sense.

It should be interesting to see what Marnie gets up to in Season 2. The series returns to HBO for its second season on January 13.

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